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What Services Do I Offer?

New Custom Website Design & Development

Whether your company is just starting out, or you've been in business for years, it has become a virtual necessity to have an online presence for your business.

After an initial consultation where you'll explain your business, style, and a few other factors, I'll be able to design a brand new mobile-friendly website that tells your company's story in a fun & dynamic way!

Not only will you have a site which looks great while viewing from a desktop, but your site's design will adjust and look just as incredible from a cell phone or tablet!

New WordPress Website

Do you need a website but are looking for a more budget-friendly option? No problem! I can build you a great website on the WordPress platform that will look just as good as a custom designed solution.

As an added benefit, WordPress offers a tried-and-true Content Management System. This CMS allows you to make changes to many areas of your site without needing to understand web programming or having to pay someone else to make those updates.

This is a great choice for any company just starting out.

Converting Your Site to a Responsive Design

Many business already have a good website that looks great on a laptop or a desktop. But times have changed.

Did you know that over 52% of today's web surfing happens from a mobile device? That means over half of your potential customers might be viewing your website from their mobile phone or tablet!

What's more, not having a mobile-responsive website can actually hurt your search rankings on the most popular search engines around!

But not to worry, in most cases a website can be modified to provide a responsive design without needing to invest all of the time and costs of a full redesign. Even better yet is that this does not affect your original design when viewing it from a more traditional device, such as a laptop or a desktop.

Developing New Web Features

Already have a great website? Excellent news! But even a great website should be updated on occassion to include new features for you and your customers. Features such as:

  • Customer Newsletter
  • Client Login
  • Question Forum
  • Shopping Cart
  • Homepage Featured Slider
  • And many more...

Web Tools and Applications

Many businesses have a need to increase their employees' efficiency by simplifying repetitive tasks and procedures. With my custom designed tools and applications, I can help take some of the busy work out of those daily tasks.

Each tool can be made for internal company use (or customer-facing if needed) and helps to cut out the busy work your employees encounter on a regular basis. This helps saves time and can help cut down on the potential for mistakes, which helps save your business money!

Web Hosting for Your Site

For those customers needing a place to host their website, I provide fast web hosting with reliable uptime at a competitive price.

Keeping your website up and running for your customers to see is more than just having an excellent web design. The web host you select also plays a role in minimizing down-time. Some web hosts are better than others, but I'm proud to offer an average uptime above 99.9%!

This virtually ensures your customers will always have access to the information and resources offered on your site!