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Project - Avox Supplier Portal

September 2019

Developed Using:

Project Description

The Avox Supplier Portal was developed to help automate and enhance the communications and reporting processes between Avox Systems and its many supplier partners.

The landing page offers a feature slider, which cycles through the different areas of the site. Each slide provides a brief overview of the feature available, as well as a link to further information. Most of the features offered are only available to view while a user is logged in.

The public pages of the site offer a brief history of the company, a contact page which emails the site admins directly, new user registration, and of course a login for existing users.

When a new user signs up, an email is automatically sent to the site admin for review. New users cannot access the site until they have been approved, and their account activated, by a site admin.

Once a user authenticates into the portal, they have access to monthly metric reports, a list of Avox-owned assets residing at any of their company's locations, a list of other registered users (from within their same company), and answers to common questions.

The site utilizes the WordPress platform (per project guidelines). Both a WP theme and a WP plugin were developed to provide the overall look and functionality of the site. Using the WordPress dashboard, the site admins are able to activate or deactivate entire supplier accounts, or individual user accounts.

Site admins can also bulk upload monthly reports. Doing so triggers an email notification to each supplier where a report is available. For security reasons, these notifications do not include the reports and instead provide a secure download link to the report.

Admins can also make changes to the featured slider content, and the order of the slides.

Project Objectives