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Project - Triple Cities Insurance Site

September 2020

Developed Using:

Project Description

Client required a website for their insurance-related business with a clean, and mobile-responsive site. The website was built for the WordPress platform for easier management, requiring little to no coding experience in order to maintain the site after initial deployment.

Multiple templates, optimized for mobile-responsiveness, were developed for the homepage, insurance pages, quote request page, and contact page.

Triple Cities' homepage consists of a Featured Slider and four sections. Each section is a custom post type that can be reordered in any custom display order (set by a site admin) and loaded to the homepage in the specified order. In the WordPress Admin Dashboard, additional sections can be created to add to the homepage, or existing sections can be removed.

At the top of the homepage, the Featured Slider provides brief summaries of up to eight pages and shows the corresponding main image to the pages included. Site admins can add, remove, or reorder the pages included in the slider through an easy-to-use drag & drop interface found on the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Customer reviews are shown in the admin dashboard, and can be added, edited, or removed by the site admin. These reviews are dynamically loaded on the testimonial page on the front-end.

All contact information (address, phone, email, social media profiles, etc) can be changed in the admin dashboard. Like all other settings, this information is dynamically generated on the front pages through the use of custom shortcodes.

All forms found on the front-end are validated on submission to ensure appropriate data has been entered. Once data has been validated, an email message is sent to the company contacts (configured on the settings page) for further review. Any errors encountered while validating will prevent the form's submission until the site visitor corrects the data.

Finally, as with all client websites or applications, a full "How-to" document was included to help the client navigate through the back-end system. This helps to ensure clients can modify their website in the future if needed.

Project Objectives