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Project - SR Web Portfolio

October 2015

Developed Using:

Project Description

An online portfolio of my web design/development projects which displays my previous works and design style. The website is completely custom and houses much of the project information in a database. Information is dynamically pulled and populated to display to the site's visitors.

The homepage displays a custom developed featured slider, which continuously rotates between eight web design projects. Clicking on any of the images in the featured slider, or on the arrows below, will change the front image displayed and also end the animation loop.

Additional pages include one which provides background information on my development experience, and another page to discuss the development and design services I currently offer to clients.

The "Contact" page provides my email address and also a web form, which can be filled out by the site's visitors and submitted. When submitted, all form data is checked to ensure required information has been entered. The data is then validated and an email with the data is sent to myself and a delivery confirmation email is sent to the visitor.

The projects page dynamically populates and formats past projects, showing the most recent projects first. Clicking on any project will take you to a more detailed page, which is again populated with that project's specific data. Links to the live website are provided at the bottom of the individual product page.

There is a login feature, which is currently intended only for the site administrator (myself). Once logged in, there are additional pages which allow for easy editing and uploading of the project data, without a need to access the database directly.

Project Objectives