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Project - Invisible Creation Photography

January 2018

Developed Using:

Project Description

Invisible Creations Photography is my own photography portfolio website. As unique as the infrared photographs I create are, I needed a custom site - with custom CSS animations - to dynamically populate each webpage and display each of the photographs I create.

For the homepage, there is a rotating gallery which is displayed in two ways. The first way is meant for viewing on a desktop or laptop device, while the second way is designed for viewing on mobile devices. In both cases, clicking on any of the smaller images will display a larger version of that photograph. Clicking on any of the images also stops the animation from running.

For the main gallery page, a thumbnail of each photograph is displayed. Hovering over any of the images will trigger a small animation to play as long as the cursor remains hovering over the photograph.

Clicking on any of the images will pull up a full screen display of that photograph, with a Facebook share button below the image. The full screen display can be exited at any time by clicking the close button on the upper-right corner.

On the "Contact" page, a web form is provided. Clicking "Submit" will trigger a script to verify all information is validly formatted. If so, the form information is sent to my own email address, and a copy is sent to the address entered by the user to confirm the message has been delivered.

On the back end of the website, images can be uploaded directly to the image folder. When this happens, a script executes to resize the image (if it is above a certain size), and to add a custom watermark to the image.

Project Objectives